Schwarzenegger And Shriver

13 06 2008

This should be fun.

Of all the supporters behind the two presumptive nominees for president this year, none are quite as intriguing as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican who has thrown his support behind Senator John McCain, and the governor’s wife, Maria Shriver, a Democrat and vocal backer of Senator Barack Obama.

The lawn of their Brentwood home has dueling campaign signs. The breakfast table has become a casual debating society. Ms. Shriver is even threatening to bring a life-size cutout of her preferred candidate into the house, something the governor has seen her do in other elections. “When one of the candidates screws up,” Mr. Schwarzenegger said of the cutouts, “the kids carry them outside.”

My mother and father canceled out each other’s vote throughout their 30+ years of marriage. So actually seeing it happen on a national level makes me laugh. Many families are like this.

Of course they weren’t the governor of California and a Kennedy either.

H/T Irish Trojan

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2 responses

13 06 2008
chez beziat

I’ve always thought the marriage of James Carville and Mary Matalin was one to defy the odds as well. It’s one thing to be split politically when your career isn’t one in politics, but when it’s the livelihood and passion of both spouses, I just can’t imagine.

15 06 2008

That makes me laugh. I’ve always thought those two had a pretty cool marriage.

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