Dear Politicians And Your Brethren,

13 06 2008

Please quit making this fine state look stupid.

Some of us live here, and we like it. And I’m talking to the Republicans and to the Democrats here. You’re taking a buttwhipping from bloggers because of the burning stupids you’ve displayed recently.

Seriously. Knock it off.






7 responses

13 06 2008

LOL And now you at least finally understand the wisdom behind Fox News’ actions.

13 06 2008

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13 06 2008
Tullahoma Terrorist Fistjab: Davis Chief Of Staff “Assumes” Obama Not Terrorist Connected, Can’t Be Sure : Post Politics: Political News and Views in Tennessee

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13 06 2008
Southern Beale

I’m sorry but some Tennessee Dems are well past their expiration date.

Time for some new blood.

13 06 2008

I agree, Southern.

13 06 2008

*Cheers & applause! Cheers & applause!*

13 06 2008

Thank you, GingerSnaps.

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