Caption This Photo Of Dick Cheney

13 06 2008

I leave this in your able hands as I can’t caption worth a poo.

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9 responses

13 06 2008
Sam Davidson

This is how you hold a rifle. Now, find a friend and aim at his face.

13 06 2008

“Do you realize how big your balls have to be to do what I’ve done over the last eight years?”

13 06 2008

…you hold the puppy like this

13 06 2008

You guys are cracking me up. 🙂

13 06 2008

Im on ur podeeum, plottin’ ur deth….

13 06 2008

President Bush bought a coconut, he bought it for a dime. Laura had another one, she paid it for a lime. I put the lime in coconut, called the doctor and woke him up, and realized it had nothing to do with lime or coconuts and I needed a stomach transplant.

13 06 2008

Melons, mmmmmhhhmmm mighty fine melons they were, but Hugh told me to back away from his lady friends.

13 06 2008

“And I explained to the Secretary of the Treasury that I can’t possibly haul home the spoils of war in my two hands alone, and — I made this point emphaticaly to him, I can’t stress that enough — I would need an armored car waiting at the steps of the Capitol, running, at precisely 12:05 p.m. on Jan. 20. I believe he understood the urgency of my request.”

14 06 2008
Tommy Eaton

So I pull off my Vader mask with my left hand, and I Reach to him with my right saying “Luke, I am your father” Well the little idiot flipped out and cut my hand off… So I threw him off a cliff. Thats the True Story of my first born son…

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