12 06 2008

I talk to people about the use of the Internet in not only the communication industry but in politics. Where I live, Twitter is unknown and Friendfeed isn’t something they would ever consider (although it has been surprisingly helpful for me and I can’t recommend it enough. In the college town I live in, MySpace and Facebook are huge as is LinkedIn.) I’ve joined a few different social media/networking sites but Twitter and Friendfee are the two that I keep going back to. I joined Plurk last week but it tends to be all over the place which is fine but I don’t think I see it as a tool at this point.

I read this over at Eschaton this morning and it got me thinking.

I think in 2008 computer use and understanding of the internet should be part of the basic skill set we expect from people in positions of prominent public leadership. It’s pretty much impossible to have any kind of understanding of how people in the modern world go about their lives and work without that. The internet is not a fad or the playground for 17 year olds.

He’s right.

So it amazes me when I speak to either local politicians or business people who still insist that the ‘tubes are a fad. I don’t know why it irritates me so much but it does. If there are free tools available, why aren’t people using them?

I ponder this …




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