Corporate Greed

11 06 2008

Obama is currently looking for a running mate. Sharon Cobb has a comprehensive rundown at her place this morning about the pros and cons of some of the front runners.

Cobb says this may be the biggest decision he has to make and I can’t help but agree.

Although I have played armchair political pundit on this, I can’t help but think whoever he chooses is going to have to be chosen to be the best advocate for this country in the Middle East. Our economic situation, in my opinion, has so much to do with the Iraq War. We are borrowing money from China, people are doing without but we haven’t hit that moment of outrage yet but I think it will come and, of course, we’ve hit $4 a gallon so isn’t it just a matter of time before we start anticipating warily $5.

Let’s look at China. With the devastating earthquakes that have hit that country, they are going to need more fuel to rebuild. We owe them. Let’s think about that. I don’t know the answer but it’s a reality. The world needs petro not just the United States.

In a story from ABC, we get this:

Democratic Senator Claire McCaskill says their profits have quadrupled since 2002.

“Last year ExxonMobil made $83,000 a minute,” Senator McCaskill said.

“What nerve does it take for us to give oil companies $17 billion in taxpayer money with those kinds of profits?”

Of course, Senate Republicans blocked the Democrats Monday on the windfall tax for oil companies.

For every one thing we think we know, there are five hundred different things lurking in the murky waters of government. With Obama looking at a V.P to campaign with him this summer, the vice-president is very important. Whoever he chooses, I hope that that person’s interest is in the American people, our global community is not tied into corporate greed. It’s corporate greed that ultimately got us in this mess we are in right now in the first place.




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11 06 2008

We Dems have been at each other’s throats for several months now.

Ultimately, we have to once again face the stark reality that Republicans are walking, talking shit; turds with ears, and face it together.
The filthiest, most vile, selfish, and unGodly of all Americans. Cowards and greed laden murderers. Child abusers and thieves. Corporate Fascists that waste the very air we breathe by existing.

It’s all out war on John McSame and the McLames that support him. We can do it in the voting booths or in the streets, but we’re going to destroy McCain and the GOP once and for all.

Death to Social Conservatism.

11 06 2008
Sharon Cobb

Thank you for the link love.

11 06 2008

Well, there are worse things than a company making a profit. Like a company not making a profit and needing to lay off 524 jobs in Ripley, Tenn. And please explain how a corporate windfall tax would actually lower the price of petroleum.

And while I don’t happen to agree with you on all the issues, I for one don’t believe you or most of your commenters to be walking talking shit, etc., etc, ad nauseum. Actually, you’re quite nice. (And I bet you smell purty too.)

11 06 2008

Most of her commenters aren’t Republicans. All Republicans need to be clear on something, just because we’ve been fighting amongst ourselves does not mean that we have forgotten how all of this mess is YOUR fault.

YOU voted for a scumbag Oil Barron. YOU voted for the traitors who lied us into war, murdered our troops, disgraced our country, and caused the deaths of over 1 million Iraqis who did absolutely nothing to us.
YOU voted for the filth that exposed Valerie Plame, destroyed our economy, snipped away at out constitution and placed Right Wing Pigs on the SCOTUS.

YOU, and only YOU. Then, after you became aware of all the Godless, treasonous, freedom destroying activities of those YOU voted for, YOU voted for them again.

YOU are my enemy. And that will never change.

11 06 2008

Sorry dude, can’t say I feel the same way. You’re not my enemy.

But hey, if you want to be The Monarch to my Dr. Venture, knock yourself out. (Though I would prefer to think of myself as more of a Brock Sampson type, but c’mon, who am I kidding?)

11 06 2008

Now boys, I have been out doing real world stuff.
Love and … you know… love.
I kinda need some dinner …

23 06 2008
corporate watchdog

Lee, so what you are saying is a company should rake in profits at the expense of the consumer before it let’s go of its employees. I have to disagree, I just finished an article about First Premier Bank, and their deleterious ways. Let’s put it into elementary terms, a $25,000 a year family of 4 should pay out extraneous fees to a credit card company so that they can post record profits in an inflated economy, versus seeing that credit card company suffer with less than stellar profits, and maybe even close its doors. I say bankrupt them, and let the employees find new work. Hey there is a lot of lending institutions out there that will pick up a well qualified person.

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