Annoying Autobiographical Pause: Real

11 06 2008

My girls. The nieces.

Dammit if I don’t adore them

Yeah, mine. Or Homer’s rather.

I just borrow them.

Love is great.

The older one won’t let me take pictures, but there is this:

I like to call her Shecky.

Homer and Squeegee Monkey make some amazing children. I’m honored to be their Aunt Tick.

Having a family moment here. Bear with.




4 responses

12 06 2008

Boy, the resemblence sure is there! Lovely girls!

12 06 2008

They’re adorable. I pictured them in my head as being much younger, the older one is practically a teenager & so pretty! The younger one looks a lot like you. šŸ™‚

12 06 2008

Aw! They’re actually kinda cute when they’re not trying to beat me in pony tail holder ball.:)
Charly with a cell phone????? I’m shaking in my shoes over that one! Yikes!

12 06 2008

They obviously get their good looks and smarts from BOTH sides. Just think what they’ll accomplish in this world!

As long as we keep it for them, that is. Yikes.

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