Human Resources

10 06 2008

A new proposal you might be interested in is here.

The Center for American Progress last year convened a diverse group of national experts and leaders to examine the causes and consequences of poverty in America and make recommendations for national action. In this report, our Task Force on Poverty calls for a national goal of cutting poverty in half in the next 10 years and proposes a strategy to reach the goal.

Our nation has seen periods of dramatic poverty reduction at times when near-full employment was combined with sound federal and state policies, motivated individual initiative, supportive civic involvement, and sustained national commitment. In the last six years, however, our nation has moved in the opposite direction. The number of poor Americans has grown by five million, while inequality has reached historic high levels.

The proposal is how to get back on track in the war against poverty. The report is rather extensive and offers 12 steps. This is one that I hear from young women everyday that honestly would help.

4.  Guarantee child care assistance to low-income families and promote early education for all. We propose that the federal and state governments guarantee child care help to families with incomes below about $40,000 a year, with expanded tax help to higher-earning families. At the same time, states should be encouraged to improve the quality of early education and broaden access for all children. Our child care expansion would raise employment among low-income parents and help nearly 3 million parents and children escape poverty.

As I said, the proposal is rather extensive. Read the rest of it here.




One response

10 06 2008

Newscommie (tee hee) – don’t you know, only rich people should have children and only if they are definitely going to stay rich!

But actually, this does bring up the other point – women that work to bring in money to feed their families are irresponsible to let other people raise their kids. But if a parent stays home and needs some assistance, they are free-loaders. (In my best russian accent: What a country!)

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