Baby Birds

10 06 2008

These birds have pooped on every car in the garage. They built their nest on the security light.

I call them Paul, Ringo and Smitty.

Yeah, I’m a softie. I like them.




8 responses

10 06 2008

Is it me or do those birds look pissed? Especially Smitty…probably cuz he isn’t a Beatle.

10 06 2008

The don’t like it when we try to do things.
Like go outside. It pisses them off something awful.

10 06 2008
Kathy T.

LeBlanc made me laugh.

10 06 2008

Poop, you typed poop. heh

11 06 2008

Hehe, LeBlanc.

Those are the cutest things. They almost don’t look real! What are they? I like ’em.

11 06 2008

I bet they think you’re going to go after them with the magic markers and make them more manly birds. Like those scientists did with the other barn swallows.

I’d be peeved too, if somebody was already thinking I wasn’t all that and me just a baby.

We should introduce them to Ms. Robin at our house, who builds a two-bedroom condo in the downspout crook every spring when she KNOWS she needs a four-bedroom for those big-a babies. One or two fall out EVERY year, and we’re crawling up on the ladder putting them back in. Aigh.

11 06 2008

I read that story about them recoloring the birds to make them more appealing to the opposite gender. Weird stuff.

12 06 2008

awww, they are so cute. are they a swallow? their facial marking is gorgeous.

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