Mabel Suspends Her Campaign For President

8 06 2008

She never had the commitment needed to run this country. She’s asleep right now anyway snoring blissfully and most likely dreaming about kibble. She will settle for a cabinet position under Barack Obama as Head of Canine Affairs.



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8 06 2008

Government that governs least governs best. If Mabel promises to sleep through her entire term I’m willing to throw my full support her way. However, I will retain my delegates through the convention.

8 06 2008

But, but–Michigan! And superdelegates! Yes she did!

Dorian is NOT going to be pleased.

8 06 2008

‘Coma, I am devastated by this development. Mabel should have taken it to Denver!

8 06 2008

Russ, There was a scandal.

8 06 2008

That’s it, I’m voting McCain!

McCain in ’08. Mabel in ’12!

8 06 2008
Not That Any of Us Have a Lot of Money, With Gas Being $4 a Gallon « Tiny Cat Pants

[…] shit out of you.  And it’s not like they’ll get a job to pay the vet bills.  Shoot, look at Mabel.  She had enough ambition to run for president, but it turns out she’d rather nap than run […]

8 06 2008

Just for this, I’m leaving the party and voting McCain!

12 06 2008
Steve Cohen Is Blogging « Newscoma

[…] another note, I’m watching Sen. Joe Lieberman defend John McCain this morning. Mabel may have to get back in the race if Lieberman keeps it up. Just so she can bite him. I’m a pacifist. She’s […]

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