“Do You Guys Want To Go See A Dead Body… “

8 06 2008

There was a cat that had died when I was around 10. I think it got nicked by a car and had some outrageous internal injuries that it didn’t survive. It was a regular gray cat.

They are everywhere here. Not a lot changes. There are always cats around here. Cats apparently procreate.

I don’t know if the cat was male or female but we watched it over a series of days. It went from being just a dead cat to a science experiment. The day we saw the buzzard, we backed away.

Buzzards are serious business. You don’t mess with a buzzard.

I had never seen a dead animal before and I have never seen one succumb to nature and the process that goes with it. It went through just being dead to rotting into a pile of maggots and one of us, I can’t remember which one, poked it with a stick although I think it was me. The cat was in bad shape. That action didn’t help.

So any time I see Stand By Me, which is on AMC tonight, I think of the cat.

I always do.




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