$4.00 Gas

8 06 2008


We live in historical times, my friends. From the democratic presidential campaign this year to a war we went to on false pretenses to gas costing $4.00, it is a time, in my humble opinion, that we will look back to as we grow older.

All the economists and pundits in the world can say what they want about this, people can say that the United States got a pass for years with lower gas prices, but the bottom line is it doesn’t matter when a person is trying to keep to a budget. Where are local governments going to get the money for their gas budgets?

People like you and I.

The bottom line is that our gas budgets have increased 10 percent in one month. That’s a spanking.

People are losing their jobs due to the increase in gas prices and the economy. Every single day you hear of working folks losing their jobs.


Rural America has already been hit hard due to location. There are no buses. Farm land spreads us out.  That’s food, campers. What’s going to happen next?

Yeah, I’m a bit cranky this morning. Not only are we going to end up paying over and over again, but my nieces and nephews will take the brunt of it as they enter adulthood.

Okay, I’m done. It’s a blog. I can bitch.




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8 06 2008

It’s awful. And people can talk about how it’s more expensive in other countries – or how high gas prices are “good for us” because we’ll re-examine our lives, etc. But the price per barrell has doubled in one year. And this has affected every aspect of our lives and so quickly that there isn’t time to adjust and for many, there are no other options. You can’t up and leave closer to work – nor should you given the temporary status of employment. And you can’t up and quit your job to get a job closer to home when work might be scarce. I suppose we can cut back on our food consumption, but that also means giving up healthier foods for cheaper and fattier foods which will more likely affect our health, etc. And I’m too freakin’ hot and cranky right now to fully explore all the other ways this is indeed a crisis. Most of us will weather it, but many will not.

8 06 2008

Well said, HBT.
I’m feeling all cranky about this myself. Everything has a root system and it’s all connected.

8 06 2008

Count me cranky, too. And soon the price of gas will catch up with minimum wage. What then?

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