Squirrel Queen And Mabel

6 06 2008

This is the one that gets me killed but it makes me laugh.

I think it’s adorable. And, yes, Mabel has slept with someone like this for eight years.




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6 06 2008


6 06 2008

Aww! You’re totally dead, but still! Awww!

6 06 2008

Been nice knowin’ ya. Happy trails.

6 06 2008
Don Jones

If I were Squirrel Queen…I`d kill you ! *lol*

6 06 2008

I fall asleep sometimes with Rufus cuddled up like that. Then when I wake up, he’s swapped ends. Ewwwww!

6 06 2008
chez beziat

Mabel’s feet are killing me. What a great pose!

It’s been nice knowing you. 😉

6 06 2008

I see Mabel is taking a much needed break fromthe campaign trail while her advisors look ahead to November. 😉

6 06 2008

Your demise = my morning happy. Thanks.

6 06 2008

That is an awesome picture!

I love Mabel’s little paws…too cute.

SQ is gonna keeeeeeeel you! 🙂

6 06 2008
Sharon Cobb

Totally adorable.

Like Ginger said, SQ is gonna keeel you!

6 06 2008

Oh, Newscdoom,
That heavy weight you’re feeling crushing down upon your very heart is the oppressive doom and ensuing agony awaiting you in the coming hours.

6 06 2008

I’m afeared.

6 06 2008

But … but … but … Your Majesty! Your Squirrellyness!

You are both gorgeous in that photo! The CYOOTE! We cannot handle the CYOOTE!

Please do not harm the ‘Coma. She only wanted to share the precious.

Have mercy!

Also, have another nap with Mabel. It’s too frickin’ hot to do anything else.

6 06 2008

I just thought that was Mabel with her Secret Service detail….

6 06 2008
Aunt B.

I could not love this photo more. If I weren’t already married to any number of inanimate objects, I would have to marry it.

6 06 2008

Yep… You’re roadkill now… Heh…

6 06 2008

Let’s see how far around the planet we can send that particular piece of pictorial perfection before they wake up. 🙂

Classic Mabel/SQ stuff to be sure. I shall treasure my copy for the rest of my days. I’m such a huge fan of both.

LOL, you’re really gonna get it, aren’t you?

6 06 2008

Kona, I’ve already dealt with Satan him …wait,… herself.

7 06 2008

That is precious, even tho you are sooo dead, hehe.

Buster sleeps like that too with the paws like that, except he twists the upper half of his body in the almost opposite direction from the rest of him, and sleeps on his back. With his legs spread out. It’s hilarious in an almost pornographic way.

His mama slept like that too, but none of his siblings do that, I dunno why.

7 06 2008

oooh squirrel queen is gonna get you for that pic!! lol. I love it though. I love when dogs sleep like humans.

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