Feel Good Friday

6 06 2008

The red codpiece is slaying me. Just slaying me.

And it begins …




9 responses

6 06 2008

Do yo’ dance do yo’ dance do yo’ dance, QUICK momma!


6 06 2008

One thing I love about this song is how everyone tries to distort their voice to match his when they sing it out loud.
One of my all time favorites.
Wave your hands in the air like you don’t care. Come on pretty lady.

6 06 2008

I may do old school hip hop next week. Haven’t decided.

7 06 2008

I’m finding it’s fun to mix it up, Pesky.
You were awesome this week.

7 06 2008

no way was that 1986. Holy shit….now i’m feelin’ old. Seems like that song was on the radio yesterday!

8 06 2008
Sharon Cobb

That was fun! I had forgotten about this one…with good reason! 😉

8 06 2008

I know.
It’s so campy.
Campy makes me laugh.

8 06 2008

Hee. I have this album in vinyl. I have arthritis pills too.

10 06 2008

I hear this song and immediately I am in my old red truck, driving to UTA on old 1187 with the radio cranked up and the windows down. Good times.

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