Daddy Drinks Because I Cry

5 06 2008

Squirrel Queen sent us an email of really whacked out T-shirts for babies. I have no idea where they came from.

I have no children but if I did, they’d be wearing one of these shirts.




8 responses

5 06 2008
Scratchy Throat Love them! Good adult ones too

5 06 2008

Ahhh, I’m glad you knew where they come from ST. They make me laugh my ass off.

5 06 2008

These are hilarious but I don’t think I could put my kid in any of them. The best/worst one I saw (on TShirtHell) said, “I tore Mommy a new one!”


5 06 2008

Amazing. I laughed and yet was utterly appalled at the same time.
I do that.

5 06 2008

I wonder why the first person to cross my mind when I read this was Sarcastro?


5 06 2008

Waaa, waa, waaa.
Big babies.

5 06 2008

Yeah, before I even got to the comments I was thinking if he doesn’t already have it, Sarcastro needs the “Daddy Drinks Because I Cry” one.

7 06 2008

“All Daddy wanted was a blowjob”/”All Mommy wanted was a backrub” are two other classics from the fine folks at T-Shirt Hell.

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