Beach Blues

3 06 2008

I am looking at going on vacation with Squirrel Queen.

So far, we figure we can afford …. drum roll please …

not much.

We haven’t had a proper vacation in five years. By proper, I mean decadent. Other than going to see our blogger buddies around the state (whom we adore and always have a good time) or on business trips, there hasn’t been an actual vacation. I’ve noticed myself gravitating out to her mom’s farm just to get away from it all. Umm, that’s not a vacation, that’s avoiding reality and the telephone. And getting bit by bugs.

Yeah, it could be worse. I get that.

So, this morning I decided to get online and see what I could find. If we have to drive, then I want to stay at least four nights. We both took on more blogger work to raise some cash. Those avenues ended in May but we haven’t spent the money.

I want the beach. I want to smell the salt and get a burn, read books, drink fruity drinks and eat shellfish until I puke. As I don’t camp and have no skills outside other than walking to the car, this isn’t an option. And, of course, Squirrelly ain’t helping.

I want sand.

I can afford Paris Landing.





7 responses

3 06 2008

I want beach, too…so bad that I can almost taste the salt air.

3 06 2008

Can you be a beach bum? Sleep in your car and bathe in the public showers?

3 06 2008

My darlings.

Go here to a precious little rental from Parker Realty. (If that link bollixes up, just cut and paste this: .)

The Parker dynasty began in Memphis. They LOOOVE us Tennessee gals and will spoil us to death. This little place is literally just yards from the beach and centrally located for day trips into Apalachicola, Port St. Joe (watch for the dolphins feeding!), Panama City, even Destin. Or you can just park the vehicle and walk to small nearby businesses/markets/restaurants.

Go! Go! Send back pictures! (Remember the “don’t molest sea oats” blog banner I used to have! Taken near Apalach. Yesh!) Go! Drive safely!

3 06 2008

Is puking really necessary? I’m quite sure this could be arranged wherever you live presently. Have you considered Isla Mujeres in Mexico, a small island right across horrible Cancun? Many inexpensive charter jets fly to Cancun, and cheap hotels on Isla are easy to come by. Just a suggestion. Good luck!

3 06 2008

about 3 years ago, a college friend of mine and I scheduled a Caribbean cruise about 3 months in advance – departed out of NOLA and the cruise tix were about $275 each – all inclusive – we got it cheap as we had an inside room, no window – didn’t matter, we were never in room – and the trip was amazing. Of course, we drove to NOLA back then. Gas/airline prices might be the thorn in your side. Anyway, it’s worth a shot…

3 06 2008

There’s always Nashville Shores…it’s got sand. šŸ™‚

3 06 2008

It’s a 9 hour drive to Charleston. Hotels aren’t horribly expensive out there, and I bet Heather could help you find a place that’s nice AND affordable. And Xarker lives out that way too, and a bunch of other awesome bloggers.

Seriously, it could be like the blogger exchange program. Head out Charleston way.

Or, there’s my favorite beach in the ENTIRE WORLD, North Topsail Island near Wilmington. Wilmington is also not terribly expensive in hotel stays, and I could hook you up with my friend Leniecia who could help you find a nice hotel room that wouldn’t cost a fortune.

You have options, my friend. If you want the beach, you can have it.

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