Pleasing 15 Women

2 06 2008

I wouldn’t have taken the clarification. That George Brownridge is a rock star.

from YesButNoButYes



9 responses

2 06 2008

Damn, I was ready to start building a shrine…

2 06 2008
chez beziat

Clarification or not, George is now a legend in my eyes.

2 06 2008

Screw the apology… George Rulz…

2 06 2008
jim voorhies

Oh, I’m sure a holiday shopping trip was involved. (wink, wink … nudge, nudge)

2 06 2008
Mr. Mack

Whew, I hated to think my record of 14 was finally broken.

2 06 2008

Did you see the smile on that guy’s face?

My hero.

2 06 2008

How did they NOT know how that ad would be construed? Seriously!

2 06 2008


He beat my record. 😦

I had 14 1/2

3 06 2008

George know how to please his ladies whether it’s in a mall or a cheap motel room.

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