Denver Alien Video

31 05 2008

So, here’s the video of the Denver Alien that was released yesterday.

I have a theory, so bear with me. First of all, this is a country that can’t keep secrets to save it’s life. What I mean is, that if the alien was in Gitmo Bay, we wouldn’t know about it. But if this guy, Stan Romanek, has had this video for five years, I think we would have heard about it. Why?

Here’s the story:

Romanek had allegedly set up a camera in order to catch evidence of a peeping tom whom he’d feared was preying on his daughters. Romanek did not particpate in Friday’s press conference, but did appear Friday night on CNN’s “Larry King Live,” along with Peckman, and other guests.

At Friday’s press conference, although the Romanek video was shown, photographers were asked to turn their cameras away, and not roll while it was exhibited. However, media members were given compact discs with a single, still image from the tape, purporting to show an alien’s head looking in a window of Romanek’s home.

I have to admit that I was watching Doctor Who last night and missed out on Larry King. Well, I don’t know if miss is the right word because, you know, it’s Larry King.

Here’s where I’m cynical grrl.


Plain and simple, capitalism would drive something of this nature. And, sorry, it does look like a puppet. I agree with the naysayers. I know, I’m usually more optimistic than this but it’s true. Now, there are arm-chair traditionalists like me that would love to see something like this happen and I would love to write for Weekly World News and am still reeling from the sad fact that they aren’t around anymore (Bat Boy, call me.)

Just call me KolchakComa. I even have the hat.

And, let’s keep in mind elusive creatures like the Giant Squid that we know exist but you just aren’t going to see them. Wait, that just changed.

Jeff Peckham, who is trying to set up a extraterrestrial commission in Denver, is also about publicity. My cynicism comes from that there are a ton of paranormal/alien associations and societies across the country. Let’s look at Roswell, NM. The money flows there, FLOWS.

Or is Peckham a believer to put himself out for so much scrutiny?

He says he is.

I’m think it’s arrogant to think that some things don’t exist just because I’ve never see them. I’ve never seen Clay Aiken face to face and he changes his look all the time completely confusing me. I also hear he sings although I have no idea what he croons about. Is he real? I have to make the assumption that he is.

The news, in a small part, has been following this. If Aliens were to land, the news media would shat itself trying to get the footage. Giving reporters a CD with a still photo and asking them to shut off their cameras just doesn’t make sense to me.

If aliens were to arrive, small microbes from space or people who look like Yul Brynner (I’m on a bald kick right now), networks would have alien pundits on the tube faster than you could say E.T., and the tickers at the bottom of the screen would be going wild.

Just saying.

UPDATE: This isn’t the official video going into the documentary. This is something else floating around.




29 responses

31 05 2008
chez beziat

Spooky video all the same. 😉

31 05 2008

It is creepy. It’s like that new movie “The Strangers” that wigs me the hell out. I’m much more scared of serial killers than E.T.

31 05 2008

Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip. COW! Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip.

31 05 2008
Joe P.

i have to say that alien looks like he came from the planet Lame.

31 05 2008

Joe, my thoughts exactly. It looks sort of like a Crank Yankers puppet.
And you know, you and I would be the people “yipping” (heh JC) to believe in this stuff.

31 05 2008

although it gives me the creeps, it’s rather anti-climactic

Personally, Clay Aiken looks alien-esque to me… just sayin’

31 05 2008

Actually, this video has been making the rounds for months, if not years, online. The “actual” Romanek video is the same gist, but the details are very very different. First of all the windows in the Romenek video are only two-paned, as opposed to the multi-paned variety shown in the viral. Secondly, the “alien” in the Romanek vid is much less “cartoonish”. In fact, it looks even less real than any CGI hoax. Far less detail, which definitely makes me wonder, but in a way, that makes it all the more interesting.

check out the Coast to Coast AM website for a still of the Romanek video, which has been a closely-guarded secret for 5 years pending expert research. I can’t wait to see it.

31 05 2008

Mikael, Thank Goodness. I want to see the real one then.
Now we have more mystery.
Cool. I like it.

31 05 2008
Daniel's Critical Corner

Awww… He’s just looking
for his “Reese’s Pieces” !!!

1 06 2008

I thought the real video was still under wraps until Peckman, and Romanek, could turn a profit with it. Isn’t this one the CGI “recreation” (re-hoax) that’s been floating around?

1 06 2008

I think you are right pohlse.

2 06 2008

It human nature to fear those things that they do not understand. With media, movies and stories from hoaxer’s feeding the imagination of the masses about horrors and negative action of those fears. Its all about money for them- show them some and they will play your fears live a drum set.
If alien life came here- for any reason, and they had the technology to accomplish such a feat; do you think if they were here to mean harm, they would make themselves known- BEFORE they put the plan in motion(if they were true aliens to our planet, why would they have any consideration unless they had friends here already maybe?) -Nope- they would have just DID us in already before we realized what was going on.(kind of like squashing or poisoning an ant hill on a local farm) These nay-sayers will be accused of separatism and racism if aliens came out in the end and their presence was undeniably proven.
But who is really to say- its an opinion our/ your right to free will. Perhaps Aliens have been here for some time. Perhaps they let them selves be know to slowly introduce them selves and test our reactions of a bold unveiling?Pretty smart I think. You just don’t go and jump into a ice-cold pond and not expect shock to be overwhelming do you?- no- you slowly expose yourself to the water until you mind has made up its wits about jumping in or not.
Perhaps aliens have taken a quieter route of introducing themselves. – Like a spy game of a government double agent in the cold war era. The best way to learn something is to sample it, try to mold yourself into the position of being in those shoes form the ground up- report nback what you hear, see, taste, feel and foresee what is coming next down the pipe.
This is a smart integration method. Perhaps the human psyche has some delicate interest to them- and vise versa, as to otherwise; why would the subject keep coming up and up over a period of over three thousand years? Understand, that if a pond of water doesn’t move, it will stagnate over a period of time. New fresh water and life material must be allowed to flow in and out in order for it to sustain life of any form. Perhaps humans fight over selfish *needs* because of the lack of oxygen in the earthly pond? A lot can be learned from other life forms, terrestrial or not. But you must make your own mind up to what you will believe, but don’t shut any doors you don’t want opened in the future, because they will come up again and they will be opened- without or without you, I your life time or not.

2 06 2008

Pathetic. My grandma could’ve made a more convincing video. Why is this news?

2 06 2008

OK, ‘coma, seriously. Am I going to be afraid and startled and have nightmares if I watch this? Because I cannot DEAL with things jumping at me. I still have flashbacks to the mid-70s when Channel 5 ran footage people had sent in of “aliens” (cleary hoaxes) but they would JUMP at the screen. AAAAAH!

(I laughed through the whole Blair Witch thing, if you recall, only to have nightmares for three days at the last scene.)

2 06 2008

P.S. — I adore the Yip-Yip Martians. The Sibling and I still have a code involving the “BrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRING!” “BrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrRING!” bit.

2 06 2008

Becoming an Alien:

Step 1 buy a camcorder (cheaper the better)
Step 2 buy an even cheaper mask
Step 3 Walk close enough to camcorder to pick it up but not get a great shot

WOW yup I’m impressed 😛

2 06 2008

That’s not the Denver video that was released on Friday

2 06 2008
Denver left behind « The Church of the Apocalyptic Kiwi

[…] The YouTube version and more information related to the confusion over which fake video is which via Newscoma: […]

2 06 2008

Gotham, that why we made the clarification although it was initially reported at the link above. Found out pretty quick it was fake. I wish they’d just show it instead of putting it in a documentary though.

2 06 2008

This isn’t the real video!!! This was just to show what someone could do on $90. They also edited this one with software afterwards to make the alien blink and such. The real video has been reviewed by experts and has been cleared to have no post-production editing and yet the alien still blinks and moves its facial muscles. Can’t wait to see the real thing.

2 06 2008

This is a faked version. Real video doesn’t come out till his documentary is completed.

3 06 2008

Did you know that Peckman now also has an online-petition up and running? If you feel like supporting him, feel free to do so:

As for the video posted here: It’s of course the fake one.

3 06 2008
Republicans to Play Race Card; Lest We Forget Who Used “Whitey” First : The New Argument

[…] be released yesterday, but the story so far sounds about as credible as the much-hyped Denver alien video released this past […]

3 06 2008

Wouldn’t the camera man have ran outside to film the supposed alien better? Your sitting in your living room and an alien is outside the window, you would run out to get a better pictuire of it, if it was a real event.

4 06 2008
Denver Alien video - ExiledGamers

[…] digitally altered in anyway. I’m not saying that I believe it, but it is a pretty impressive hoax. Video __________________ Blog | Photos | […]

5 06 2008
Mark Something

This is NOT the alien video. This video was made by Jeff Peckman to prove to people that an alien video can be made without a huge budget. So Please read the whole article, before anything.

6 06 2008
laughing hard

you would think they would have turned to walk away from the window instead of straight up to it then backing away from it…. can you say I’m a retard!!!!!!!

9 06 2008

This isn’t the video. This is a video that the Denver news paper did to show how it could be done.

7 07 2008

This is not the video , it is a fake that was released just like all the other fakes like this one. The real video will not be released for some while.

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