New Amazonian Tribe Found

30 05 2008

I can’t even imagine how freaked out these folks are. The first thing I noticed is they have their spears/arrows pointed at the plane.

There’s always something new going on, isn’t there.

Wow. It never ceases to amaze me how things on the planet work.





7 responses

30 05 2008

It’s so true – these people must absolutely terrified. As we would be if aliens were hovering above our heads!

Do they speak a language anyone on the outside can understand? Have they known about us? So many questions!!!

30 05 2008

You know, the more I think about their possible reaction, the more I can’t stop laughing…

“Crap, what the hell is that! Get my bow and arrow, woman!”

I know it probably makes me a bad person and all, but still.

30 05 2008

These people are so fortunate – they don’t have to worry about rising gas prices, running the rat race or being inundated with presidential politics.

I wonder if they would easily accept me into their society. I bet I’d look good in red paint.

30 05 2008

Who decides if you get painted from head to toe in black or in red? I need to know these things before I commit to a new neighborhood.

30 05 2008

I would love to join them. I am so tired of the consumerist life we are forced to live.

30 05 2008

Cynicism alert…now that we have found them we will be sure to push Christianity on them, teach them how everything they do could be done better with all this new stuff, and maybe buy their part of the rainforest for 12 cents, some sparkly beads, a goat and maybe a pack of gum…digressing. Sorry to ruin the fun times. You may continue with your regularly schedule party time.

31 05 2008


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