Mean About Nature

30 05 2008

As SQ’s family lives on the river, last weekend I hear a beaver slapping it’s tail. There was also a muskrat story which is a tale for another day (and the name has rat in it, so I’m out) but I wanted to go and investigate the dam that was apparently up the river. I also learned that farmers don’t like dams as it messes with their crops.

I wanted to see the dam though.

Alas, I was thwarted by Squirrel Queen!

SQ and I bantered on Twitter today about that she is mean about nature. I finally asked if we needed to just develop plastic and acquire a bunch of styrofoam cups and plastic disposable diapers and throw them along the road. She rolled her eyes at me as she is wont to do.

This was, of course, after I asked her what crops where growing in her family abode and the sad coyote story from a couple of years back. She said corn and soybeans. (Of course, I do this to annoy her, but then again, I have mistaken winter wheat for weeds.)

So she is mean about nature.

With this said, I am trying to be all nature girl but I’m a townie. I road a four-wheeler once and saw the feather of a peacock. I thought it was cool but was somewhat inquisitive about the where the actual peacock was.

I blame a coyote. Or a beaver.

Who knew beavers could dance? Not I.




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