Caption This Photo Of Bush Chest Bumping A Cadet

29 05 2008

I have no idea.

I’m not that clever but the picture is hilarity at its best.




15 responses

29 05 2008

Pres. Bush puts the smack down on a Coast Guard deserter.

29 05 2008
Melissa Rhinolegs

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

29 05 2008
James C.

Sir… if you need help buttoning your shirt, there is a better way.

29 05 2008

Here, hold still now. I’ll show you how we used to do it when I owned the Rangers. That’s a baseball team….in Texas. Stop moving…..don’t do that…..Oh man, now you just messed it all up.

29 05 2008

Screw high fives and fist bumps, this is how Cheney and Condi celebrate in the Oval Office.

29 05 2008

Dang, you’re a good dancer. Good kisser too. Let’s go to a truck stop toilet and see if we can find us a glory hole!

29 05 2008

“Ah TOLE you, son, Ah ahm THE DECIDER! UNH! HOT damn!”

29 05 2008

I watched my father and brother do this at Christmas. It was equally awkward.

29 05 2008
Joe P.

No exit that way, son. Turn yer butt around and go to Eye-Rack!!!


No you can NOT go get Scott McClellan’s autograph on yer diploma!


Iffin’ you knock me down without usin’ yer hands, you kin be prezident!


Help me crush this beer can Texas-style!

29 05 2008

“CLEAR” President Bush tries to jump start his presidency once more.

29 05 2008

Well, not nearly as gay as Bush holding hands with Bandar, but close. 😉

Mating Call of the Chicken Hawk.

29 05 2008

Or perhaps Mating Dance of the Chicken Hawk.

We need audio.
Did Bush make a Crow-type sound during this ritual?

30 05 2008

Asa is on the floor laughing. It’s funny.

30 05 2008

I like it when I amuse the oldest one.

11 06 2008

bumping uglies

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