Houston, We Have A Problem …

28 05 2008

I’ve taken up bathroom blogging now that CeeElCee is sorta on hiatus.

Just days before the planned delivery of the international space station’s largest laboratory, its crew is facing a much more down-to-Earth problem: a stopped-up toilet.

This is no laughing matter. The outpost’s long-term hygiene and routine comfort are now threatened, unless critical spare parts can be identified, found and loaded aboard the space shuttle Discovery as it sits on the launch pad in Florida.

I recommend nothing to NASA as they wouldn’t heed my words of advice anyway which would include a plunger, a snake and some Febreeze, but I have to tell you, that bathroom looks like a lot of similar restrooms I’ve seen in juke joints and second-hand dives.

They should let Neil Armstrong writes something up there is give it further authenticity.




6 responses

28 05 2008

I don’t know what juke joint you saw that bathroom in unless you were watching an episode of The Jetsons.
As far as graffiti, I think I spotted something that said “Soylent Green is people, but Tang is just plain nasty.” and another that said “Lisa Nowak is one crazy astronaut.”

28 05 2008

I want you to write that all over the state of Tennessee.
I may put that in my header with your permission.

28 05 2008

Y’all are hysterical.

28 05 2008
lovable liberal

You do not want to see the spatter pattern from a plunger in zero G.

28 05 2008

No, LL, I seriously don’t.

29 05 2008
Thirsty for Space Beer « The Squirrel Queen

[…] everyone is writing about the space toilet plumbing foul-up. Newscoma, CNN and everyone in between have been cracking wise with astral potty […]

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