27 05 2008

It’s a don’t miss post by Sharon Cobb about the night in 2000 when America began to learn what a chad really was. And she has a first-eye account.

I made my way downtown…only a mile from Vanderbilt Plaza, and was telling the crowd what had just happened. The mood went from celebratory to disbelief. Surely our nation didn’t elect a buffoon like George W. Bush.

However, somewhere between my trip downtown from Vanderbilt Plaza, and a few minutes later Al Gore’s trip to downtown Nashville from Vanderbilt Plaza, he decided not to concede.

I was in the middle of an historic moment, though I certainly didn’t realize it at the time.

And that was the beginning of the recount.

I didn’t watch Recount mainly because I don’t have HBO. But even sitting on the sidelines of this historic event, I shared the sinking feeling that Sharon did knowing that something in our country was happening. It’s was more than partisan politics, it went deeper than that.

It was just as much, for me at least, about that are government had changed right before my eyes and I couldn’t grasp the enormity of it. And the knowledge that my vote might not count. It was the first time, even when I backed a losing candidate, that I felt that way. For me at least, it felt horribly and irreparably broken.




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27 05 2008

If you are a Democrat voting in the state of Tennessee, your vote has only counted 4 times since 1952.

That’s what is utterly stupid about the electoral college and why the general campaign will come down to a “few selected states” strategy instead of a discussion of policy or the future.

27 05 2008

Wow. You getting your politics on.
You know, it was always the vibe for me. The way that my grandfather instilled things but you are correct sire.
I also have decided that I really want to live in a cave. Or Monaco.
Just because I liked it there. 😉

27 05 2008
Joe P.

speaking of something broken, that’s about the best that could be said of that movie on HBO according to this review:

29 05 2008
Sharon Cobb

Thanks for the link love. {{{}}}}

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