Plan 9 From Outer Space Remake

27 05 2008

I am beside myself.

From the website:

In 1959, a film was released that would live in the minds and hearts of science fiction and horror fans for years to come. That film was Edward D. Wood, Jr.’s magnum opus, “Plan 9 From Outer Space”, a story about aliens re-animating the dead in order to kill Earth’s population. Though widely regarded as one of the worst films ever made, genre audiences could not resist the exuberance and love for the art of filmmaking that showed in Wood’s work, and the movie has become a cherished cult classic that still survives on home video and in midnight screenings across the world.

As you know, I’m a fan of this cult classic.

Hot dog!




11 responses

27 05 2008
Southern Beale

Holy cow. And I thought remaking “Red Dawn” was a bad idea. This is just terrible. There are some things you don’t mess with, you know?

27 05 2008

‘Coma, I cannot wait for you to drunk-blog this. Seriously. That’ll be the cinematic/blogging event of the year.

27 05 2008

How can you remake a movie that was made perfect the first time?

27 05 2008

Guys, I so agree but nothing will ever, ever replace my beloved Ed Wood’s legacy. I just wanna see ’em try. 😉
Ain’t gonna happen, as we say in Hoots!
Sure, I’ll live beer-blog it. Heh.

27 05 2008


27 05 2008

OMG…I forgot how funny, damn, that was!

27 05 2008

WhitesCreek, it was so of the good. There is no way to remake it.
No. Way.
I miss it when people just had fun, or were insanely demented.
Yeppers. 😉

28 05 2008

But the question is: are they going to kill off the lead villain again? If so, can we figure out a way to make Kevin Bacon play the Bela Lugosi part?

28 05 2008

We were actually thinking of casting Uwe Boll in the Bela Lugosi role – killing two birds with one stone, so to speak. And who wouldn’t love to see him get in a boxing match with an alien?

All kidding aside (only partly kidding – Uwe, call me) – hi, I’m the co-writer/co-producer on the remake. To immediately get two questions out of the way:

1. Yes, we’re crazy for doing this.

2. We love the original, and are really damn excited to be doing the remake.

We hope you enjoy the final film once it’s complete. Hell, I’ll drunk-blog with you. I’m sure I’ll need a drink (or twenty) once this is all over.

Any questions on the film, feel free to send me an email. You can find my email address on (By the way, the format of the site is temporary – we had to put something up in a hurry when we realized word was getting out sooner than we expected. Once our web developer is done with the actual site, it will be replaced. We know it’s not great.)

Have a great one!

Walt Winfrey
Darkstone Entertainment

28 05 2008

Your on. I love me some drunk blogging Ed Wood movies.
Can’t wait, Walt.
I’ll buy the beer.
You guys have fun with it. I know I will and Good thoughts to you.

29 05 2008
Sharon Cobb

Ed Wood is turning over in his grave/moon dust.

There are two films you don’t remake: Casablanca and Plan 9 From Outer space!

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