Careers I Would Not Want

26 05 2008

I think we are all goal-oriented at times. Including myself. And I sometimes get the itch to do something new.

But there is a list of careers I won’t consider.

  • Serial Killer. I just don’t want that one. It just seems unseemly. And most Serial Killer’s I have read about don’t get paid.
  • Shark photographer. Sharks make me anxious although I anticipate Shark Week every year. Man, I love Shark Week.
  • Sewage person. I saw a guy fall into a lagoon once. Yeah, that kind of lagoon. I don’t want a job that has anything to do with human waste.
  • Armpit Sniffer. I didn’t know about this one but, umm, no.
  • Spider wrangler. Arrraggghhhaaa.
  • Rattlesnake Milker. Venom is what I’m talking about here. I’ve never seen snake nipples. I’m. Just. Saying.
  • Worm Taster. I read about that one here.
  • Fishmonger. Nope. And women were always the fishmongers. I say give it to a dude.
  • Lumberjack. It just looks hard. And I hate nature.*
  • Violin String Maker. It’s sheep intestines, or was at least at one period of time, campers. I cry foul and say no way.
  • Anything that Mike Rowe, who is my private boyfriend or at least one of them, does on Dirty Jobs.
  • Astronaut. I don’t like heights.
  • Pig farmer. I have smelled them driving about. It’s all I need to reject this concept.
  • President.

Yeah, I’ll be here all week.

* I like nature. I just don’t think any one I know would let me near an axe or a chainsaw.

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2 responses

26 05 2008
John I. Carney

After watching so many “The Prisoner” episodes this week, I’ve decided I don’t want the job of Number Two, because the job security is apparently quite poor (unless they’re all getting promoted, which I doubt, somehow).

26 05 2008

Good point, John.

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