Brats And Philosophy

26 05 2008

As many of you know, I dig Steve Cohen and I do. I was fortunate enough to see a ton of his interns and some of his staff last night at Bratfest (man, how wonderful Bratfest is) at Left Wing Cracker’s house. It was lovely to sit around talking politics uncensored. There was an unbridled sense of enthusiasm and good natured joy bubbling about with young people in bright blue Cohen shirts hanging out.

I like uncensored. When I go to Memphis and Nashville, sometimes for just an evening, it’s really invigorating to sit and listen and talk about politics without a filter. I get that more in Memphis actually but most likely because the bloggers I know in Memphis I met at Drinking Liberally.

One thing that SQ and I talked about after we left, other than our undying affection for the folks we visited with, was the reality that Cohen represents our more liberal philisophy than the Blue Dog community we reside in. The elected officials in our district are much more conservative than our way of thinking or at least are, for lack of a better phrase, much more in the closet about it if they are.

I can’t help but wonder if it’s the political history in District 8 that has created the more conservative Blue Dog streak that is enmeshed in the area. I’m not sure. Jere Cooper was replaced with Fats Everett who was replaced by Ed Jones who was followed by John Tanner who took over the job in 1988 after Jones retired.

Is the people of the area that have created the conservative Southern Democrat vibe or is it the politicians that represent them that have set the tone?

Man, this is too deep on this Memorial Day holiday.

I’ll change the tune, go look at this picture of a wombat.




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26 05 2008

What’s the difference in blue dog and yellow dog? My Papa was a yellow dog Democrat. I’ve often wished he were still alive–well, for lots of reasons, obviously, but–to see how he would go politically in this climate as both a religious, conservative man and a man whose family would not have had food if it hadn’t been for FDR. Translating the implications of that paradox into the 21st century, I think many people now are wrestling with the same. Including myself.

On a completely different note, my 12th-grade geography teacher used the wombat as his way of letting you know you’ve just said or done something incredibly stupid. When some infraction against the general intelligence was committed, he’d silently pull out a picture not unlike the one you linked and chunk it down on his desk facing in the direction of the offender. Then, he’d put it up and move on with class. It was some pretty avant-garde stuff for me in that place and time.

26 05 2008

Heh. I love the wombat story.
Isn’t the story about yellow dog democrats something along the lines that a Southern Dem. would vote for a dog before they would vote for a Republican and that’s how the Yellow Dogs got their names?
Of course, a Blue Dog, is a fiscally and socially more conservative Democrat.
I think there are a lot of people wrestling with their political place in this world right now. I’m seeing more independent thinking right now. One of the things I’ve been pondering is the Reagan Democrats but I can’t even wrap my brain around that this morning. 🙂
Bring out the wombat picture!! 😉

26 05 2008

Wen a wombat bats wot does a wombat bat?

Spell checker on the fritz? Philisophy?

My dear old Pop, gone for about 30 years now, was a dyed in the wool West Tenn Democrat. Today, I can’t imagine what he would think or do. But I bet he’d keep his loaded pistol under his pillow and a loaded 12-gauge standing against the bedtable. Republicans are not what Republicans were — they’re far worse. And Democrats are not what Democrats were — they’ve put on a harder edge, backed up by softer efforts. Nothing is getting done in this country for several years now, and both parties are to blame. And with something like a country, there’s no such thing as staying even and holding your own. You’re either moving ahead or you’re sliding down. We’re so far down we can’t even see up…

Pardon my rant, but thanks for the opportunity…

26 05 2008

i’ve got my brats ready to go for afternoon cooking.. now, if only there is stimulating conversation to be had.

26 05 2008

You’re going to give me a statewide reputation now…

I am so glad y’all came down, it really made the party for me. Once I recover from this, I must make plans for a Hooterville visit…

26 05 2008

Oh Winston you are right!! Changed it.
Man oh Man.
I need a copy editor 24/7.

Left Wing Cracker, Smooches… You are wonderful and my beloved as well.
Now I must recover too. I ain’t as young as I used to be.

26 05 2008
Sharon Cobb

I love the Memphis bloggers. They are so much more open and friendlier and not nearly as cliquish as the Nashville bloggers.

I can’t wait to get down there and meet many in person. I’ve spoken to several on the phone,(yes, they actually pick up a phone and call) and are much more into what they’re doing in terms of working together and their love of politics and each other.

LWC rules.

26 05 2008

Indeed he does. Sharon, I can’t recommend a trip down there enough. LWC and the whole crew are just the most wonderful, lovely people ever.

26 05 2008

Moar visits.

26 05 2008

Indeed, my friend. Indeed.

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