Pharmaceutical Company Advertising

23 05 2008

Dear pharmaceutical companies,

The Viagra commercial creep me out more than you will ever know. And, Viagra, well it doesn’t save lives. Viva Viagra. When I see it, I need drugs myself.

Instead of buying all that advertising that is so annoying of people all happy because they are taking your particular drug, I have a suggestion.

Why not take that money and give those drugs to people who can’t afford it in this weird economy? See it works this way, you help more people who could really benefit from your product and I don’t have to watch your lame commercials that drone on and on and on.

Everyone wins.






2 responses

23 05 2008

Yeah, lets promote a drug so that people who don’t need it will ask for it and those who do will be reminded to, again; and you know, forget all those people who decrease their dose or take meds every other day to make things stretch.
Drug companies are ridiculous. I know many do have programs in place, but they’re limited and with proper funding, could be more than a stopgap.

24 05 2008

pharmaceutical advertising of any kind is one my biggest beefs. They dump all that money into promoting their drug to Joe Blow sitting on his couch watching the television which just drives up the price of the drugs. I don’t need to prescribe the meds. That’s the doctor’s job and they inundate his office with advertising of all sorts too. Educate them about what the drugs do and how they can help a patient, isn’t that enough.

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