Michael Savage On Ted Kennedy

21 05 2008

I was at the office yesterday working on some stuff when I heard the news about Ted Kennedy. My heart sank a bit for more than just the obvious reasons. Kennedy has a brain tumor as I’m sure you already know.

My mother had a brain tumor. Her’s was metastasized from another location. I knew when I heard that he had a seizure, as she did repeatedly, that when he was rushed to the hospital it wasn’t of the good.

If you have ever been through something like this, then you know how bad it is.

I noticed that most folks regardless of their political affiliation have been very kind about his health.

Everyone but Michael Savage.




23 responses

21 05 2008
Sharon Cobb

Hate radio at its worse. I don’t even want to know someone who listens to Michael Savage.
Thankfully, I’m not aware of anyone in my life who would even consider listening to him.

21 05 2008

I don’t know anyone who listens to him either. He is a douche.

21 05 2008

Even the guy subsuite hosting the Rush Limbaugh show stopped and said “This obviousbly isn’t politicial and he’s in our prayers”

21 05 2008
theodoric of athens, more caption

Savage is a perverse waste of food, although I knew as soon as I heard about the tumor on Monday afternoon that this was coming. It won’t be over until all the dirtbags of talk radio have taken their shots at him, and it will get worse before it’s over. I fully expect someone at some point to pronounce cancer as divine retribution upon Kennedy and his deeds.

21 05 2008

I think “perverse waste of food” is now one of my favorite terms.

21 05 2008

What a tool.

21 05 2008

Indeed he is Ms. Ginger. Indeed he is.

21 05 2008

Excuse my language, but someday karma is going to bite that poor excuse for a human in the ass. Hard.

21 05 2008
dan t

I agree there isnt much to Savage. Just like there isnt much to the Randi Rhodes crowd who run around saying things like they have fantasies of doing personal harm to President Bush and gloating about Tony Snow’s prostate cancer.

21 05 2008

Dan, I don’t like it either regardless of which side of the aisle it’s happening.

21 05 2008

Lame. And too easy when you think about it. Oddly enough, I first read about this over at Hotair, (a rightie site) where they linked to Media Matters (a leftie site), where MM was talking about it. And Hotair’s text for their hyperlink to MM: “Stay Classy, Michael Savage.”

So obviously sane people think this beyond the regular political game.

PS: On the work computer with limited capabilities. Can’t provide hyperlinks.

21 05 2008

So Michael Savage is now trying to be like the equally loathsome Nick Ruzzuto, or maybe just trying to get mentioned on Rizzuto’s site, “Conservative Punk”…

21 05 2008

Nothing surprising there. Savage is a total scumbag, always was, always will be.

21 05 2008

Though this does remind me of how certain Nashville bloggers reacted when William F. Buckley passed earlier this year.

21 05 2008

Ah yes, Ted Kennedy, the man who voted for partial birth abortion. All of you liberals sit around mourning this pitiful excuse for a human. I hope you all take a look at some of the other things this man has voted for and done to this country before you go boo hooing.

22 05 2008

Wow…that’s harsh. all I know is my mom had a brain tumor and it was hard watching her lose her memories, thoughts and who she was. Politics aside I pray for him and his family. This is a hard journey.

22 05 2008

Hate Radio??? Are you people retarded?? Mr Savage simply stated the views and voting history of Ted Kennedy…which I might add is a sickening and disgusting ‘report card’! Stating the facts and telling the truth hardly qualifies as a hate related attack! And one more thing…..has everyone forgotten Chappequiddick??? The ‘death’ of Mary Jo Kapecnee??? Ring any bells?? In case you have forgotten let me just say this….truth be known there is not alot of difference between the actions of Ted Kennedy and of Susan Smith! However, Susan went to prison for life (deservidly so) and Ted walked away scott free!

23 05 2008
Frank Adair

Celebrate Dr. Savage and Free Speech in America. Many share his loathe of Ted Kennedy. When people stop listening his show will go away. But for now he’s one of the most popular talk hosts on American radio. That’s No Little Feat!

24 05 2008
Ivan Moroz

Just imagine for a second: Joran van der Sloot (hero of Chappaquiddick, Aruban style) running for the Senate seat in state of Alabama! ?

31 05 2008

Michael Weiner and his “Weiner Nation” can go and and stuff it. The man sounds like he is off his meds. I can’t wait for the day when it is exposed that Savage has cancer, is a gay pedophile, or is addicted to some drug. That will be poetic justice at its best.

31 05 2008

When Michael Savage falls ill someday, I hope we can all have a good laugh at him.

3 06 2008

Michae Savage is the voice of reason in an insane world. But all you red diaper doper babaies wouldn’t know that because you’re too busy falling over Burak Hussein Obama. What a bunch of idiots. Islomo fasicts are cutting our troops throats and you want to give them candy and equal rights. Michael Savage stands for three underlining principles…Borders, Language, Culture. If that’s stupid, then Savage is truely correct in saying…”Libralisim is a mental disorder”

18 06 2008
Leon Kennedy

What, are we all made of glass now? We are all so fragile that we couldn’t possibly endure a harsh comment or a comment that we perceive as being in bad taste? Ted is a big boy now, he can handle it. I am more concerned that we are going to be living in a future society filled with laws governing any comment made about anyone for any reason. Grow up and deal with it people, the world isn’t going to change because your feelings are hurt. Unless you are prepared to walk through the world with your mouth sealed shut and your head down. Grow a pair and deal with it.

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