Clarksville Voted Not Of The Good

21 05 2008


Me, I’m all about Clarksville although I hate driving there because I always get lost. I have no idea why. I blame me.

I hate driving in general.

I want a bus, train or tram. Or a limo. Limos sound lovely. I like riding in them drinking champagne and throwing my shoes at pedestrians. Wait, I’ve never done that but it sounds kinda cool.

Alas, I live in Hoots. No public transportation. I blame society.

A scooter perhaps?

So there.




7 responses

21 05 2008
chez beziat

I want one too. I just hope that people in limos won’t throw their shoes at me.

21 05 2008

I know. It was an elitist moment I had filled with violence.
I must have some evil spirit in my house.
And SQ, my personal pacifist, wasn’t here to balance it out as she is in the ‘Boro.
I wanna Scooter!

21 05 2008
Short and Fat

How about the next time you’re in town, I take you for a spin around the block in my hatchback.

You can drink a beer and throw Chris Wage’s shoes at people.

Close enough?

21 05 2008

That sounds like a smashing plan.
I’m not a very good pitcher but by golly I’ll try.
Will Chris Wage give us his shoes?
I think he might.

21 05 2008
theodoric of athens, more caption
21 05 2008

Ahh, we can throw Chris Wage’s shoes there as well.

Or here in Hooterville. It’s kind of a normal event.

22 05 2008

I believe I should be chauffered around in a limo. Also that the only time I should hop on a scooter is when I’m on holiday in Europe and a handsome man with an accent buys me expensive shoes. But, my sense of reality is a little off.

Hey, come to think of it, if that does happen, I can throw all my old shoes out the limo window…

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