Annoying Autobiographical Pause #1,333

21 05 2008

We always hear about how there is the battle between old ways of covering news and new digital media. Of course, these days sometimes I feel my job is more about being a battering goat for complaints as yesterday that seemed to be the ONLY thing in my job description.  I was also taking care of an awning problem in front of our building that was victim to the winds and age this spring.

That’s not news. That’s housekeeping.

I miss balls to the wall writing news and it’s hard to do that sitting behind a desk at times. I used to love getting out and organically finding news stories. I used to have four deadlines in one day when I was in radio news. I like the feel of busting a news story from the trickle and whisper of it’s conception to when it breaks knowing that I was getting that piece of news to the people.

And, I’m dealing with awning, complaints and personnel issues these days.

I bring this up that sometimes when you get to that point in your career when you realize you are in transition.

I am, however, excited about new concepts in delivering news. I mentioned last week I’ve been following a murder trial on twitter.

I also noticed yesterday that Katie Allison Granju covered minute-by-minute the shooting of a police officer at WBIR on it’s news site.

I realize news is changing.

Fortunately, tomorrow I am covering a hearing of a deputy who killed his estranged wife’s lover. He was convicted a couple of years ago but the case is headed back to court. As I love covering court better than just about anything, it will be a welcome change. If only they had WiFi in the courthouse here then I could report it live.

I need to work on making things like that happen.




5 responses

21 05 2008

I don’t know if they allow these thingies in court, but just about every cell company has something like this. I use one for when I travel. Kind of expensive for what it is, but if hyperconnectivity is what you’re after…it’s a solution.

21 05 2008

Thanks. I think I’m going to do that. I know the Powers That Be won’t swing for it but I think for me, it’s perfect. Thanks dude.

21 05 2008

I’m learning so much about my new bloggy-buddies. I love it.

21 05 2008

let’s tag team Houston on the WiFi situation. it’s very disheartening sometimes in Hooterville. i’m with you all the way.

21 05 2008

It’s a go, girlfriend. I will start tomorrow!

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