The Game Has Two Opposing Sides

20 05 2008

When the antics of Bill Hobbs makes the New York Times, CNN and all of the major news outlets, you know he’s sitting home grinning. He did his job. Not only did he get the Tennessee GOP noticed, but he’s gaining a Rovian presence on the national front.

Rove is, despite his diminished role in the Bush White House, and will always be the GOP’s Go-To guy.  Bush is a lame duck. Rove has moved on despite the whispers in Washington.

Want to see non-scandal du jour? Call on Hobbs these days. Hobbs is this decade’s new Rove. Little Rove, if you will. Instead of lurking, he’s out there. Mark says this is not the way usual shillers do it but I’m not sure if Hobbs is just changing the game. Hobbs has gained infamous celebrity. Addictive, ain’t it Bill.

Will it blow up in his face? I’m not sure. You see, if the Tennessee GOP disapproved, then they’d get rid of him. Yeah, Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker have issued statements condemning his latest drive-by but it hasn’t changed anything.

I’ve spoken about how this impacts, long-term, this state’s reputation but it doesn’t matter at this point. The Tennessee GOP is more than satisfied with Hobbs’ shenanigans. And he doesn’t back up.

But here’s what bothers me the most. Our state has shown with the Tennessee GOP’s actions that the perception is our state did not display goodwill toward Michelle Obama. We didn’t show goodwill toward Barack Obama back a couple of months ago. The individuals who did are secondary to the actions that Hobbs put up and videos he’s done. Kindness was not reported on. Issues were not reported on. And Obama defended his wife. Most folks love chivalry and he displayed it.

The Tennessee GOP got the national play though.

Is what Hobbs did fair game? I guess it is. I don’t have to like it but the local GOP party is going to continue with this. And Hobbs just might get a national gig out of this because his actions are proving that mainstream media is going to pay attention to him.

But one thing that Hobbs and Co. maybe didn’t take into consideration is if they are changing the game, then they have to play by the rules they set. I’ve noticed around the Tennessee blogosphere this morning that Cindy McCain’s background is being questioned in comments at some of the blogs. Her father’s history, her money etc.

When this happens to the Republican nominee for president’s wife, how is Hobbs going to react then? If the game is gutterball and it takes two sides to play, the Tennessee GOP is going to have to deal with long-term ramifications that they created.

Mud always gets slung in politics. I’m not naive.

Just my observation.



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20 05 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

I wonder what she’s hiding in her tax return, m’sef.

20 05 2008
Sharon Cobb

I don’t think anyone in TN. read my post, yesterday, and I really wanted it to be seen. Here is what I posted:

If We’re Going To Go After Potential First Ladies, Let’s Look At A Thief And Addict Named Cindy McCain

So this morning Tennessee once again hit the national news with unreasonable attacks from the GOP on Obama and his wife.

I left this comment on Bill Hobbs’ site, the communications director for the GOP in TN, but I’m not sure he’ll post it, so I thought I’d post it here.

Here is what I have to say about Bill and Robin attacking Michelle Obama:

I don’t think y’all want to continue go there.

Remember Cindy McCain stole drugs from her charities and was addicted to pain medication.

Stealing from her charities.

That’s far worse than anything Michelle ever said.

Also, Cindy just divested 2 million from Darfur. What took her so long? It’s not like she didn’t know a long time ago that investing in Darfur is investing in genocide.

Just saying, you want to put the potential first ladies up against each other, Cindy is going to lose that battle badly.

20 05 2008

Thanks Sharon! I didn’t see it and I apologize for that. Good point.
It goes both ways.

20 05 2008

Ah yes, the Bill Hobbs.

Redneck Rove? He’s not smart enough.
At least Rove’s lies are intricately woven. This Hobbs asshat is just barking Swift Boat fallacy like his fellow traitor HERE

In all honesty, Bill Hobbs is a coward and one day soon we’ll find out just how corrupt and bought & paid for he really is.

Only shame and disgrace lie in Bill Hobbs future. And I’ll be laughing when it catches up to him.

20 05 2008
Southern Beale

Hobbs is a supremely bad Rove, actually. I really don’t think he has that killer Rove instinct. He tries, but it just doesn’t come off right when he does it, and he makes bad mistakes. For example, this little Bob Pope snafu. Not a good idea to have a strip club owner be the Moral Values party’s standard bearer of “average Americanism.” See, Rove would never have made that mistake.

I really don’t think that Bill Hobbs is a bad person with an urge for revenge and a taste for blood. He’s just a partisan hack. The difference is that Rove is in it for the power.

20 05 2008
Southern Beale

If We’re Going To Go After Potential First Ladies, Let’s Look At A Thief And Addict Named Cindy McCain

Yeah, I wrote that same post on Friday: Does This Mean It’s Open Season On Cindy McCain?

IOKIYAR. For the media to look into Cindy McCain’s past mis-deeds they’d once again have to admit their participation in the whole charade. Mrs. McCain appeared on The Today Show and some other major network media to spin her false tale of sin and redemption, and the bobbleheads swallowed it whole.

Just as with their culpability in the Iraq War and the Pentagon’s propaganda campaign, the media has been negligent in covering the McCain campaign.

20 05 2008

Southern Beale, you have a point about Rove. Yep. He is scary. Hobbs is a small time Hack. I gave him too much credit. 🙂

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