Annoying Autobiographical Pause #1,292

19 05 2008

I took the weekend off from blogging to go find myself. Not really, but it sounded better than just saying I needed a couple of days off-line. These things occasionally happen.The highlights of my weekend would probably bore you to tears, but I will say that on Friday, I wasn’t feeling up to snuff as I’ve been fighting yet another bout with bronchitis and was eager to just sit in my recliner and stare purposelessly at the wall.

Then I got some distressing news and had to go into action mode.

I hate action mode. Seriously I do. I would be a terrible action hero as I’m more inclined to sit on the sidelines and do nothing.

Anyway, Squirrel Queen and I had some things we needed to do so we do whatever red-blooded American Citizen does when in flux. It’s not a life-threatening flux but more of a “OMG, WE HAVE DECISIONS TO MAKE” sort of thing. We went to her mom’s house out in the country.

It is very surreal out there. Very little traffic although we did see the farm, which is leased out, tilled and those small yucky flowers that make me sneeze were sent to plant heaven. It’s planting season in the countryside of Hoots and there is something ethereal and hardcore about it all.  This is how you eat, campers. Listening to farm talk always mesmerizes me as I had no idea about the ongoing mechanics and seven day a week work that has to be done.

We sat outside in the quiet, drank a few beers, laughed a lot and worked on what was needed to work on. Throughout the weekend, we watched Mabel run around on the farm and we just hung out. Her mother has dial-up but we avoided it a pretty much other than to show SQ’s mom pictures from Mabel’s presidential campaign which she thought was pretty funny. There was, alas, no new turkey dance.

On Sunday, we met Holly and her friend Erin, who after a bout with food poisoning some months back from eating some bad sushi, decided to brave it again with us. Badger, who has never had sushi, tried it and much to her surprise, sort of gnawed on a California roll from the Bento Boxes we ordered. I think it was life-altering for her as it should be.

Things that happened this weekend:

1. We saw a flock of buzzards eating the carcass of a deer on the side of the road. Badger called it “nature’s clean up crew” but it was disturbing nonetheless.

2. Big Brown is one hell of a race horse. We watched the race and were stunned how good Big Brown is.

3. There are professional beer drinkers in this world. I am not one of them.

4. My legs, or one of them at least, is terribly sunburned even after I put baby suntan lotion on them, which was a suggestion from my girl Batesville. The thing though is simply I think I missed this one spot and it hurt to move yesterday.

5. I saw what seemed like 900 turtles on the side of the road this weekend. Is this a sign of the apocalypse?

6. I also saw a coyote near town. Wonder what that’s all about? When you live out in the country, even if it’s just for two days you start saying “Gotta go to town.” I find that charming.

So, as I said, my weekend sabbatical from blogging was pretty groovy. I got to see the beloved Holly, who will be moving back to middle Tennessee next month. We determined I will most likely see her more in Nashville than I have with her in the ‘burg. She will be missed though as she is awesome.




4 responses

19 05 2008
John I. Carney

I kid you not — there’s a child’s sunblock out there, not sure of the brand, which is blue when you first apply it. The blue color disappears quickly, but it’s designed to help you keep track of where you have applied the sunblock, so you don’t miss anything.

19 05 2008

Erin and I had a fab time with you ladies, as always. You were adorable in your overalls, even with a painful-looking knee, and I cannot wait to see your adorable-but-hopefully-not-painful self in Nashville. Soon.

19 05 2008
lovable liberal

Do you know about aloe? You must know about aloe. Well, I didn’t learn until adulthood that it will save your sunburned skin if anything can.

19 05 2008

It’s on my aching partially burnt leg as we speak.

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