Oprah Statue By Daniel Edwards

17 05 2008

Here’s the story:

Edwards created this monument in memory of Oprah’s Cocker Spaniel, Sophie, and Golden Labrador, Gracie, who both passed away this year. Why are the dogs sitting atop her golden head, you ask? Well, Edwards decided to take the road much less traveled in art and place them there for their literal significance: they are always on Oprah’s mind.

This guy, Daniel Edwards, also did the Brittney/Paris sculptures where they were all naked being very odd.

I only can write a letter.


This is more than weird.

Love ya,





7 responses

17 05 2008

what the…? that’s pretty damn weird looking.

17 05 2008

I can’t believe this is real. It looks like a something straight out of a dream.

17 05 2008

Ok, something’s wrong here.

Now if this was a real artist at work, the dogs would have been part of some kind of fluid, free form hat or part of her hair or some shit.
It looks like it was late at night, the guy was tired and had to get up early the next morning, and the Valium was getting the best of him so he went down to the dollar store, bought a dog statue and glued it to the top of Oprah’s head.

It’s like he just took a step or two back, looked at it, and thought “something’s missing”. “That’s it! I need to stick a dog or two up there for balance”.

This Edwards cat needs to go back to welding odd shaped pieces of scrap metal together. That’s not even Oprah, it’s Robert Mugabe.

18 05 2008

Ehh, this seems to be this guys schtick. Do something oddball with a pop culture female to get his name out. Did Oprah commission this, or did he just decide to do this on his own?

18 05 2008

It looks like something J.J. Evans would paint.

18 05 2008
18 05 2008


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