Velvet Paintings

15 05 2008

I have long been a connoisseur of bad art. I don’t know dingle about art I just know I likes what I likes.

And I also know that sometimes the combination, of let’s say paint and velvet, is hysterical.

Charles Nelson Reilly, I’m smitten with you on black velvet. And of course, it reminds me of Jim Reams.

Jesus and Elvis. An oldie but a goodie although I don’t know why, this one seems to make the rounds. Of course, I have to agree with the person that posted this that Elvis looks like Gene Simmons and has the holy light around him. I mean, he is Elvis but shouldn’t Jesus be basking in the glow.

Just wondering.

There are a ton more at List of the Day, including about what seems a gazillion velvet delights of Kenny Rogers and, of course, Jesus and and 18 wheeler.




3 responses

15 05 2008

Thanks for the link. Glad you enjoyed the gallery.

15 05 2008

Is that Gene Simmons before his plastic surgery or after?

16 05 2008

Charles Nelson Reilly is boss. In the halcyon pre-blogging days of the internet, back when I wrote exclusively about wrasslin’, one of my header images was Charles Nelson Reilly holding up a Match Game card with my posting name on it. It was awesome.

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