The Edge

15 05 2008

I’ve gone back to this post by Malia at live. laugh. love all morning and especially to these two sentences which say so much.

Wanted: the edge I never had.

Assuming: it comes with the courage to use it.

I know how she feels. I do. Sometimes I wonder what the definition of an edge, or strength for that matter, is. Sometimes I feel all saucy but I’m not so sure that’s an edge.

On my time on this planet, I’ve often pondered what I think I am in comparison to how others perceive me. Then I realize that it’s really none of my business how others’ feel about me because I’m the one who has to lay my head on the pillow at night. The edge, I’m thinking as I’m all introspective about her post, doesn’t have to be with sharp rims that stab. Edge can be being true to ourselves without abandoning our core essence.

That’s courage. To be who we are.

Of course I am flawed, flawed, flawed, so I have to do things that scare me sometimes to keep me on my toes. And then other times, I move into the shadows of my world watching from the distance.

Thus flawed.

So here’s a picture of The Edge:

Sometimes that’s the only edge I can find.




5 responses

15 05 2008

“Edge can be being true to ourselves without abandoning our core essence.”

‘Coma! I want to weep at that statement because that’s truly what I was trying to get at. I wanted to write something that was honest and true to myself without putting it through the layers and layers of filters that appear when I start to write. I just wanted to say, “hey! this is how I feel and this is what I think about it” without being concerned whether or not anyone would be offended or disagree or even really understand what I was trying to say.

And here we are being all introspective and all I can think about the scene from Shrek when Shrek is telling Donkey that ogre’s are like onions, they have lots of layers and Donkey wants to know why an ogre can’t be a cake because they have layers, too!

Clearly, I’ve not yet had enough coffee this morning!

15 05 2008

I loved Malia’s post (and have been thinking about it as well), and I love this response to it.

And I love you so much, even though it appears I’ll never see you again :(.

15 05 2008

We will, my dear friend. Maybe we can grab Malia too.
Sending you both love …

15 05 2008

BTW, I guarantee that your edge will always be better than that mediocre guitarist from Dublin.

15 05 2008

LeBlanc, you are wonderful.

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