Newscoma Tries Cartooning

15 05 2008

Make your own at Toonlet.



10 responses

15 05 2008

I’m digging my hair in this, hah

15 05 2008

Why did I make myself look like Dame Edna? Do we favor?

15 05 2008
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15 05 2008

Hee hee.

15 05 2008

Oh my, this is going to be HUGE time waster. I could hug you.

15 05 2008

And I would hug you back. 🙂

16 05 2008

Why did I make myself look like Dame Edna? Do we favor?

Only that you are both affection, endearing individuals.

You have a much more dignified air (and fashion sense) than she does.

If you start calling people “possums” in a high-pitched voice, though, there’s going to be some understandable confusion.

KISSES, dahlink!

16 05 2008


You are both affectionate, endearing individuals.

As for all the rest, girl you know it’s true.

18 05 2008
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19 05 2008
Comic fun! « Heartbreaktown

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