John Phillip Law

15 05 2008

John Phillip Law has died. He was in Barbarella as Pygar.

Man, he was pretty. He died at age 70 which has more than make me ponder my own mortality. Or mentality. Or both.

Anyway, he was groovy.




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15 05 2008
Jeffraham Prestonian

Holy shit — THAT dude was 70?

Well, yeah. I feel a lot older now, too.

27 05 2008
Peggy C.

To John’s dear family.
I knew John well during the Lincoln Center – Washington Square – days. AND what great days there were. Kazan, Miller, Robards, Robert many wonderful persons. And John was one.
His apartment on Amsterdam always had a wonderful cast of characters – including the then hardly known Tiny Tim.
When he left New York I missed him greatly but the postcard saying he was cast in a film about a Russian was a great upper – even more because his dog GU was in the film as well.
Over the years I have had opportunities to invite John on network programs I hosted (under another name) and now I’m so sorry I didn’t.
So there’s a lesson. If you think you’d like to touch base with a dear friend from the past do it.
I don’t know what the Hell I was waiting for.
Now It’s too late.
Bless you John. The world is a lesser place without you.
My deepest sympathy to your family.

1 06 2008

Just as another remembered the Lincoln Center..I remembered his coming back stage to greet us at WTC, and later The Arena.. also in D.C. He would always
say hi. to us in the green room. We recognized his theatre work, and then the Movies..
The Actors at Lincoln Center were a bit more ‘Seasoned’ and we at WTC.. were
admirers of them. But John never seemed above anyone. He had so much FUN in his every day ways.

He was not, and never Could be Old.. 70 was YOUNG.. For someone like John.

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