Catholic Church Says There Could Be UFOs

14 05 2008

The Catholic Church is saying some things. No, not about communion, but about aliens. From Mars.

The Pope’s chief astronomer says that life on Mars cannot be ruled out.

Writing in the Vatican newspaper, the astronomer, Father Gabriel Funes, said intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space.

Father Funes, director of the Vatican Observatory near Rome, is a respected scientist who collaborates with universities around the world.

The search for forms of extraterrestrial life, he says, does not contradict belief in God.

As you know, I always wanted to work for Weekly World News. Then they shut down. Then I became shiftless, started drinking too much, lost my way, tried to write bad poetry about Yetis and attempted to seek BatBoy out by myself.

Alas, I lost my funding. It was only $3.64 but it went towards the cause.

One of these days, some big outfit is going to hire my happy self to cover big stories about Bigfoot. And we know, of course, now this photo is true.

The truth is out there. 😉




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14 05 2008
Joe P.

I’m pretty sure I’ll go straight to Hell for this, but … from what I read in the Bible, Jesus could well be an alien. I know for sure God is not an Earthling. (and hey, if an alien could tithe, i don’t know of a church that would not accept them.)

I know .. call me Hell-bound …

14 05 2008

” Father Gabriel Funes, said intelligent beings created by God could exist in outer space.”

Glad to know they exist somewhere.

14 05 2008
The truth is out there, papal style » Lake Neuron

[…] Hat tip to Newscoma. […]

14 05 2008

LOL, no Hell for you, Joe.

Jesus was definitely from somewhere else. I don’t know about space, but somewhere else to be sure.

Why else would his proclaimed “followers” be so much unlike Him?


28 05 2008

I am appalled at the Vatican for approving belief in UFO’S, You have all looked at the scientific evidence into UFO”S, Now you should look into the Christian evidence into UFO”S, This is clearly Satans deception and the Vatican fell into right into his trap and I pray that you don’t as well. Deception will florish in the the end days fooling even the elect the Bible states. I urge you to look at both sides of this argument!
Joe P, This is a dangrerous train of thought,I do Not worship an alien and God is NOT an alien. “PROFESSESING themselves to be wise, they became fools… Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped a creature more than the Creator…” _Romans 1:22,25 You are opening yourself to demonic activity in ways you can’t imagine.Please check out this Web site or Google search: UFO’S Demonic Deception or contact the Berean call at 1-800-937-6638 ask for movie: UFO’S The Hidden Truth, Item # VT018 The cost is only $5.00 You may also want to look into item # VT028 I pray you put your trust in the God of the Bible and your faith in Jesus Christ not the Church Hierarchy. “Let God be true though every man a liar” God Bless

9 07 2008

Ufo’s are a distraction from the enemy. Jesus says how he will come to us. So if aliens come. Don’t go! It’s a lie. Run. Look to your bible. See what it says. they will confuse even the elect if possible.

9 07 2008

By the way Read chuck misslers book on aliens and Christianity. I believe it has all the answers your looking for.

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