Grandfille, How I Adore Thee

13 05 2008


I missed it. Dang, I missed it!

I can now sleep without the nightmares about capybaras blaming me for her quitting where they eat beer cans and sing Clay Aiken tunes.

And she has the anteater in the sweater I talked about on Twitter.

I love me some Grandfille. And capybaras.

There is a story behind this.




2 responses

14 05 2008

Oh my darling! Nightmares? About capys? I am so sorry. I had no idea they frightened you that much. I love them because they hum. Plus, they look so disapproving. (Which is a wonderful ability when you’re talking about Clay Aiken. I think they might hurt themselves frowning over that one.) But I love you more than capybaras. (smooch smooch)

Since I am a backwoods auntie who barely has running water, I was not aware of the Twittering. (I always think of finches when I see that word.) But leave it to you to find out the amazing. I just love Miss Pua. And Stewie. I especially love their snouts. And their claaaaaaws. Oooh.

14 05 2008

Oh no, I love capybaras. We are the capybaras fan club.
Clay Aiken, well, I don’t know what he sings but I know who he is. Story of my life.

I like the new design at your blog as well.
Smooches back atcha.

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