Vibinc Is Asking Questions

12 05 2008

Vibinc, a blogger in Memphis, is digging around and doing a bit of citizen journalism at his blog on Pinnacle/Labor Negotiations and has even interviewed a member of the Air Line Pilots Association in three parts of a series called Something Stinky In The Air.

Last time, we learned about the willingness of Pinnacle to lose business for the sake of maintaining an adversarial relationship with their employees. Below is a response from a source at the ALPA (Air Line Pilots Association) to some questions I submitted about the negotiations and general conditions at Pinnacle.

To read the whole thing in order. start here.

This story is multi-layered. We are reading not only about an issue that Vibinc is passionate about, but we are watching him dig beneath the surface on an issue that some people might not fathom.

Nikki Tinker is running against Congressman Steve Cohen in District 9. Vibinc is wondering about the details and just asked. This is what he got:

So, what we’re left with is a picture of a company intent on maintaining a discordant relationship with their workforce despite potential revenue loss from their largest customer. Attempts by management to end around labor in the acquisition of a failing airline, with money losing routes, not to mention “union busting” tactics from the highest quarters in the management team. Sounds like managerial brilliance huh? I had one more question that needed to be answered.

Q. What role has Nikki Tinker, VP, Labor Relations and General Counsel, and candidate for Democratic nomination to the US House, played in the contract negotiations?

A. Nikki Tinker has had little involvement with the pilot group since her hiring. Initially, she sat in contract negotiating sessions but was she was so anti-productive at the table the company asked her to step down. She also had a small period of involvement in the grievance process but once again her general disdain of reasonability and completely foreign concept of “organized” labor and contractual rights rendered her input worthless and the company once again asked her to step down.

Vibinc is asking questions.




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