A Big Day On The Hill For Paper Ballots

12 05 2008

I asked for a receipt Super Tuesday. I told the election worker that if I could get one from McDonalds, why couldn’t I have one for my vote?

I didn’t get one.

Well, today is the day to talk about this in Nashville.

HB 1256/SB 1363, Tennessee’s Voter Confidence Act, goes to a full floor vote in the House on Tuesday, May 13. In the Senate it has one more committee (Finance Ways & Means) hoop to jump through today, Monday, May 12. Senate F, W & M members are:

Randy McNally, Chair; Douglas Henry, Vice-Chair; Tim Burchett, Secretary; Diane Black, Raymond Finney, Joe Haynes, Rosalind Kurita, Jim Kyle, Mark Norris, Bo Watson and John Wilder.

Please don’t hesitate. Call them now.

Liberadio has a copy of the bill as well. Head there for the details.




One response

12 05 2008

I didn’t know about that, that’s how much I keep up, thanks for the heads up, I made phone calls today!

Hope you are doing well, much love to you, today and everyday!

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