James Hart In His Sandwich Board

11 05 2008

I’ve written about Hart before. Hart has run against John Tanner in the last two elections in District 8.

He makes me nuts . With that said, I was in Paris yesterday and, if you didn’t know, Hart marches around the Henry County Courthouse in a sandwich board. I shot a couple of photos so you could see what he does.

It says Impeach Saddam Bush.

I don’t know who the other guy is but it seemed to me he was doing his best to get away from Hart.




5 responses

11 05 2008

Always wondered what a nut sandwich might look like…sheesh!

11 05 2008

My mom lives just a few blocks from the square so she sees him pretty much every day. A few weeks ago she said she saw him involved in an obviously VERY heated argument with some guy. She’s concerned he’s going to wind up getting shot or something one of these days.

12 05 2008
A Few Sandwich Boards Shy Of A Picnic : Post Politics: Political News and Views in Tennessee

[…] Newscoma reports on the campaign of white natonalist congressional candidate James Hart. Best known for his 26% percent showing in the 2004 general election, Hart will likely be denied a place on the 2008 Republican Primary ballot like he was last year. […]

12 05 2008

Oh, Mom said to tell you dude doesn’t always have the “Impeach Saddam Bush” sign on. Sometimes he has one on that says something like “Send the Mexicans back to Mexico” (or something like that), which is the one he had on the day she became gravely concerned for the state of dude’s future mortality. She said the guy Hart had cornered that particular day (who may or may not have been of Hispanic origin) looked quite a bit more than just displeased.

13 05 2008

I’ve spotted him in Dover in front of the courthouse there. They must have finally run him out for good.

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