Jack’s Pool Hall In Paris

11 05 2008

It looks like a juke joint and I would say it probably is. But sometimes you find wonderful things in places you least expect it.

The mural in the back of this little dive off the court square in Paris holds one of the most fascinating murals I’ve ever seen.

Squirrel Queen and I were more than charmed not only by this portion of the mural, because that is Jack who opened the place in 1946 (I think.)

And the people there were absolutely some of the most friendly folks I’ve ever met.




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11 05 2008

Mom says (yeah, my Mom again) that there was a mural in the upstairs of our drug store when it was downtown. It was the building where there was (and no longer is) a Hallmark shop for a while. I don’t remember seeing it (the mural). At one time there may or may have not been a speakeasy up there but I know she said the mural is circa around 1920-something probably and was really impressive. I always wonder if it’s still there and how many more murals there are around the square and thereabouts in the upstairs areas especially, since most of them were not or barely used until many started building apartments and offices on the upper floors of some of those buildings.

11 05 2008

Ohh Ohh I wanna go.

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