10 05 2008

Lauren Rabaino writes this at her blog over Wired Journalists. It’s a great piece.

The deadline isn’t 11 p.m. anymore. The deadline is now. She gets the content on the Web, she writes a longer, more elaborate story for print, and continues writing updates for the Web all day. After deadline passes, she’s still not done; she writes a blog about her experience. One reporter is being stretched in different directions, acting as a print reporter, TV anchor, radio reporter and Web guru. Thus, the concept of news “convergence.”

She’s right. Things aren’t just changing, they HAVE changed.




One response

10 05 2008

I think this increased work load is one of the reasons folks like Bissinger are so anti-blogging (especially if they don’t get paid to blog). They got used to having a set deadline and only one story to write!

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