The Major Label Interest In Joseph Linello

9 05 2008

I think if Billie, who is the fabulous commenter over at Knox Views, had a soundtrack it would be written by Joseph Linello.

I can’t tell you how I’ve been laughing through the tears for the past 30 minutes.

He has Major. Label. Interest.

He will tell you this. Repeatedly.

Found at Fark.



One response

9 05 2008
John I. Carney

Appropos of nothing, when I first started at the T-G in the mid 80s, my editor was a part-time musician in a cover band called Jet Set. One of the band members would frequently have them introduced as “and now…. Maxell recording artists …. Jet Set!”, the joke being that Maxell is not a record label but a brand of blank tape.

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