18 Kids!?!

9 05 2008

It’s gone beyond family. This lady is creating a nation.

It’s a happy Mother’s Day for an Arkansas woman — she’s pregnant with her 18th child.

Michelle Duggar, 41, is due on New Year’s Day, and the latest addition will join seven sisters and 10 brothers. There are two sets of twins.

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9 05 2008

We have 18. Or five. It feels the same.

9 05 2008
jim voorhies

I can only imagine, but I would think once you hit double digits, who’d notice the rest?

9 05 2008

I have a friend who has four kids. She had three and then when she turned 45, she had another.
She was a wee bit surprised.
She told me last year that she has was the most tired woman in America.
I’m thinking Ms. Dugger has stripped her of that honor.

9 05 2008
Music City Bloggers » Blog Archive » Happy Mothers day, chorus version

[…] own Newscoma has a story about a woman who lives in Arkansas and is expecting her 18th child. Michelle Dugger, […]

9 05 2008

I think God gave us medical science and contraceptives for a reason… the Duggars are that reason. This isn’t child rearing, it’s a boarding school. They are merely figureheads at the top of the chain of command. The children are raising each other.

On a personal note – why hasn’t her hoo haa fallen out onto the ground? I mean, really. That thing has to be the same shape and size of a 30 gallon Hefty Bag by now.

9 05 2008

Congratulations, Mrs. Duggar! You now have the ingredients for a baseball game!

9 05 2008

I’ve birthed four babies, 3 out the chute and 1 via C-section. If I have had a glass of water, you can bet I better have a clear route to the toilet at any given moment. Maybe Mrs. Duggar is much more diligent with doing her Kegel exercises than I, but my gosh, I can’t imagine how her lady parts aren’t screaming STOP FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I GOTTA PEE.

9 05 2008
Doug McCaughan
9 05 2008
10 05 2008

Doug, I saw her beat you up last night on Friendfeed, which was really hysterical. 🙂

12 05 2008

dont think that family that BIRTHED 18 kids is “heroic” or laudable. Puppies have litters that big — people SHOUDNT.
They have the RIGHT to breed that much — but it is not “heroic” or special. It is like going to a buffet and eating all the food — or demanding all the presents under the christmas tree for yourself — (or all the tax breaks, or more cars on the road, or more carbon footprints. ) SOMETIMES Less is More. I AM NOT IMPRESSED– this is more about ego, blind faith (blind faith is not faith at all — but a combination of NOSTALGIA and ADDICTION). If they had BIRTHED 9 and ADOPTED 9 too — NOw THAT wouuld be laudbable!!!! These parents are “dead behing the eyes” — does not seem “Godly” to me…. seems IRRRESPONSIBLE and SELFISH — If they are really to be celebrated — they should have ADOPTED to ease to world’s pain — not make a bunch of carbon footprints in an already overpopulated world. 100,000 dead in Myanmar, thousands dead in Iraq, COUNTLESS children who are NOT adopted — and these people just cant stop BREEDING like animals!!!!. They have the RGIHT to do it — but it is not RIGHT — nor newsworthy. YUCK!!!! Egotism and selfishness and “look at me ism”. — ADOPT IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HELP!!!!

12 05 2008

why not be GIVERS — not just TAKERS?? (and irrresponsible BREEDERS)

— how about some of those kids who are 18 or older joining the MILITARY????

12 05 2008

14 05 2008

We have all been exposed to the essays and campaigns about global warming. The biggest problem is not that person who burns more fuel or wastes more energy than anybody else. The problem comes from the fact that the population of the earth has doubled every twenty years for the last half-century. The Duggars want to be praised for having eighteen children? Mother of the year?

Having eighteen children is also not very safe for the mother. There is a reason why hospitals have refused to accept the risk of her double-digit deliveries. People are interested because it is like a circus show, but nobody seems to really consider what it means for one couple to have eighteen children.

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