Gone Country To Tape In Paris

8 05 2008

I’m speechless and sort of weirded out about this which is happening to the county next to mine.

Here’s some background, a show I’ve never heard of until yesterday called “Gone Country” which is going to be filming in Paris Saturday.

A demolition derby, mind you, featuring these people, from the press release, mind you:

• Jermaine Jackson, one of Michael Jackson’s older brothers who was a big part of the Jackson 5’s success in the early 1970s and has had a sterling career himself as a solo performer.

• Sebastian Bach, former lead singer of the rock group Skid Row, which had the hits “18 & Life” and “I Remember You” in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

• Irene Cara, a singer/actress who starred in the movie “Fame” and later sang the song “What A Feeling,” from the movie “Flashdance.”

• Mikalah Gordon, a former finalist on “American Idol.”

• Chris Kirkpatrick, a former member of the boy band ’NSync.

• Lorenzo Lamas, an actor who starred in “Falcon Crest” and recently in the soap opera “The Bold and The Beautiful.”

• Sean Young, an actress who has been in many films, including “No Way Out,” “Blade Runner,” and “Ace Ventura, Pet Detective.”

So, they send the presser out and ask for people to attend so they can have all that reality in reality television and screaming fans for these folks. I had to look two of ’em up cause I didn’t know who they were.

A demolition derby? Listen, I get that they want to do the big stereotype thing and all, but I’ve lived a good portion of my life in rural America and I’ve never been to a demolition derby.

I have been to lawnmower races, but that’s a different thing indeed.

Consider this a shout out to Lesley and Lynnster who will most likely either enjoy this or be utterly appalled.




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8 05 2008
chez beziat

Wow. I’ve been to one Demolition Derby in my life. I was there to root for a friend of mine (his car never even started, so he was pretty much toast from the beginning) and I have to admit that I had a blast.

That said, reality shows just continue to bug me more and more.

8 05 2008

I’ve never been to one. I’m sure I’d have fun because pretty much everything amuses me.
But I wonder how Paris will be portrayed.

Also, they say (the big they) Snoop Dogg is coming.
I didn’t want to go but Squirrel Queen insists. 😉
As she went to the horror/tattoo fest, I’ll do as she wishes.

8 05 2008

Let’s ponder this: why do A LOT of NASCAR fans watch those races?

The crashes.

8 05 2008

Ahh, I wonder if they will let me drive one of the cars. That would be pretty groovy.

8 05 2008

Aw, man. I’m going to be in Memphis this weekend. I certainly would go otherwise. Even though, like you, I’ve never been to a demolition derby nor have I ever thought it to be particularly “country.”

How will Paris be portrayed? Well, I’m guessing we’ll see the fish and the tower, but who knows what else.

Never in a million years would I have expected to see Lorenzo Lamas in Paris.

8 05 2008

Vroom Vroom Sis Boom Bah Crash Bang D-list.
Yep, I’m there.
Oh, and I’ve never been to any lawnmower races.

8 05 2008

That sounds ridiculous. I mean, really. Sebastian Bach, Lorenzo Lamas, and Sean Young?

8 05 2008

Been to one… Demolition Derbys are fun.

And we used to call going to Paris going Deep South back in my Murray Days. You had to cross the state line into Tenn to buy beer (going South) but you had to drive an additional 15 miles to Paris to buy liquor (going Deep South.)

8 05 2008

Yes. Lee, I know this. Sad and real.
Lynn, it’s true.

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