John And Elizabeth Edwards

7 05 2008

Nice interview at the Ticker this morning with John and Elizabeth Edwards. I thought it was interesting but they say a lot without saying anything.

When it comes to Hillary Clinton, John Edwards praised the New York Democrat for her tenacity, saying she “shows a real strength that’s inside of her.” But the former North Carolina senator also said Clinton represents a “lot of the old politics.”

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Edwards said she is a strong proponent of Clinton’s healthcare plan, though is disappointed the New York senator accepts donations from lobbyists.

As for Barack Obama, John Edwards said he wants to “see more substance under the rhetoric.” But he gave Obama praise for wanting to “bring about serious change and a different way of doing things.”

Elizabeth Edwards said she is impressed by the fact Obama has “motivated so many young people to be involved,” though she does not like his healthcare plan and said his advertisements on the plan have been “misleading.”

John Edwards later added he thinks it’s a “great symbolic thing to have an African-American who could be president.”

That sentiment, People reports, caused Elizabeth Edwards to roll her eyes:

“What about the great symbolic thing about a woman?” she asked.

I like the banter between them though. They seem very comfortable. I like that. In many ways, they have become the first couple of the Democratic Party. Not bad.




2 responses

7 05 2008

I love those two people. The whole family in fact.
They’re just good, good folks. Remind me of the Carters without the Billy (just kidding , Bill. Luv ya! xoxo).

In the midst of rejoicing over the demise of the Bush/Clinton Dynasty, there is this hollow feeling that tells me passing up John Edwards is a mistake we will one day, as a nation, come to regret. Perhaps next time. 😉

It’s time to get McCain out of there and finally see what this country can do and be.

8 05 2008

I’m a little disappointed in our choice of candidates too. Surely we could do better.

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