Gay Bigfoot

7 05 2008

You know when I see the headline that screams Gay Bigfoot, I’m going to go and look.

Legend says that the beast known as Popobawa has been menacing the Tanzanian island of Pemba in his own unique style ever since the ’70s. He can be identified by his smell (reputed to be quite pungent), and also by the fact that he is a one-eyed flying ogre … He attacks only men, sneaking into their houses at night and buttburgling them for up to an hour, then–in an oddly familiar twist to anyone who reads superhero comics–demanding that they tell all their friends about him.

I realize this is completely unnecessary but, hell, that’s what you get here on the ‘tubes sometimes.

Of course, it’s from Cracked on the weirdest mythical creatures ever.




3 responses

7 05 2008

Let’s pretend we’re a Prize Distributor, call Fred Phelps, and tell him he won a free, two week vacation in Pemba.

He’ll never go back to female Bigfoots (Bigfeet?) once he gets him some Fred.

8 05 2008

I don’t know what their talking about. I stopped visiting Pemba after all the good stuff started shaking it in Ibiza.

8 05 2008


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