Screaming Into The Vortex

5 05 2008

Progressive Nashville makes a point this morning about how a surgical strike into Somalia regarding an insurgent leader who was accused of having ties with Al-Qaeda barely made a blip in news this weekend.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this is that we took so little notice of the fact that America fired missiles into another country. If such a thing was done on our soil, even if it involved only one house, we would consider it an act of war. We wouldn’t be consoled by the fact that only one house was hit and only a few people died. We’d be outraged that another country dared to fire missiles into our country.

However, when America takes such steps, it’s of small notice. Most people probably didn’t notice.

I sometimes go back to what Jon Stewart said on Bill Moyers last year about we live in a world where everyone is “too busy” and doesn’t pay attention to the things going on around them. (I’m paraphrasing.) Lives are filled with so much information and things always seem out of reach. So folks grasp what is manageable. After years of war, presidential campaign that never ends and a financially frustrating time for average citizens, mainstream cable news still is guilty of focusing on what Miley Cyrus had for breakfast.

And sometimes the stark realities that are going on in this world are too much to handle.

I think we are basically a country that is overwhelmed to a large degree because those of us who have expressed concern about the war in the past were basically shut down although I must admit it’s better than it was a couple of years ago although it’s by no means great.

After awhile, screaming into the vortex becomes exhausting.




4 responses

5 05 2008

These kinds of “surgical strikes” have been going on forever, they’re nothing new.

And I would imagine, diplomatically, the host countries for the most part welcome the “attacks” because the US does for them what they can’t do for themselves…root out a rat’s nest of homegrown terrorists. It’s not like the US is bombing Aunt Bee’s house in downtown Mayberry.

Plus, while the public information says the guy’s “accused” of having terrorist ties to Al-Qaeda, I would imagine Military Intelligence (I know, I know, an oxymoron) has a much more concrete idea if the guy’s who they think he is or not.

In a lot of cases, these terrorist cells rule that neighborhood or province, and the locals are probably glad they’re gotten rid of. I’m sure that’s not the case sometimes, but a lot of times it is.

Again, I’m pretty sure there’s at least tacit approval from the regional or national government leaders when we do things like this. They may not be 100% supportive, but at least they look the other way and don’t make an international incident in the UN about it. Which they very well could do if they wanted…

5 05 2008

I understand your point that you’re making, but I don’t understand at all the one at the link.

Had we done one of these strikes back in the mid 90’s in Sudan, OBL would be nothing but a pile of dust while the twin towers wouldn’t be.

But posts like that lead to the impression that progressives (his name on his blog) are always knee-jerk “the US is always wrong” types.

5 05 2008

Problem is, this particular administration would rocket a house with a family of eight inside just to get a headline reading they “killed a terrorist”.

Iraq is a disaster, the “war on terror” is a lie.
BushCo would kill innocent people just to make it look as though they’re making headway. Everyone knows they would, and have done exactly that.

5 05 2008

And Lee, I understand where you’re coming from, but there is still no evidence that Bin Laden was involved in the 9/11 attacks.
He has never been charged in relation to them.

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