How Health Insurance Defines Choices

4 05 2008

Health insurance is the bane of my existence. If I didn’t need health insurance, I sometimes wonder how my life would be different because I think I would have probably gone down a different path in the last five years.

The Chrone breaks down the numbers in an extensive piece at her house on the innertubes.

The cost is even more when one is self-employed or when an employer doesn’t offer health insurance and one must pay for it out of pocket. Imagine, the same $4,ooo+ as the families yearly deductible on top of $1000+ per month premiums (that’s a yearly expenditure of $16,000, which is taxable but you never see). You better have a damn good job if you have to buy your own health insurance.

I realize when I read posts like this that I’m not the only one who is a slave to my health insurance. I wish it were different but it’s not.

Would I be self-employed if it weren’t for this issue?

The answer is yes.



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4 05 2008
The Root Cause of the Insurance “Problem”? | Hear ItFrom.Us

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4 05 2008

Would I be self-employed if it weren’t for this issue?

The answer is yes.


5 05 2008

Would my husband have taken a job hundreds of miles from home? No. Would I have sold my business? No.
I was without health insurance when I was going through tests, and then diagnosed. The terror of being uninsured was as bad as the diagnosis itself.

5 05 2008
Health Blog Guy

You should move to Canada and become a citizen here then you would not have to worry so much about health care. But I must admit we do have some problems in the industry here aswell.

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